Hokkaido Oborozuki -北海道 おぼろづき-


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Oborozuki From Hokkaido
Difficult to obtain phantom rice
(Hokkaido / Iwamizawa) Michishitasanchi

This delicious rice was the first Hokkaido rice to be awarded the gold medal of the highest prize at the 8th National Rice and Taste Analysis Appraisal Competition held in 2006.

In terms of taste, it was comparable to that of Koshihikari from Uonuma.

The characteristics of the taste are "sticky" and "delicious even when cooled". Because it does not contain the glutinous rice gene, you can enjoy delicious stickiness purely as rice. This tenacity is said to be a major factor in determining the taste of rice along with its softness.

 Almighty rice