Information an our 2023 crop

The recent heatwave in Japan, one for the record books, has had a distinct impact on our rice quality. Right now, we're methodically testing samples from each of the 2023 crop regions, taking the time to taste each one individually.

Notably, this year's crop appears whiter than in previous years, a result of the intense heat during maturation stunting starch production. This has led to more air content in the grains which, in turn, causes light to scatter, giving the rice its whiter appearance.

Types of rice
Taste-wise, it's largely consistent with previous years, though the increased air content has resulted in grains cracking more during milling. This means the cooked rice has a softer texture than you might be used to. While we're still working our way through samples, we've noted this is happening especially with Niigata rice. If softer rice is your preference, this could be an ideal choice.
The 2023 crop will be available soon, and we ask for your understanding as we navigate these unique circumstances.
Thank you.


Rice sample