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【AZMAYA】Ohitsu Rice Tub -さわらのお櫃-


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If you eat a bit, you will realize that "What rice is delicious".

The Ohitsu absorbs excess water and brings out the original deliciousness of rice.
In addition, it keeps the sweetness of rice as it is, so it will be delicious even when cooled.
I use Kiso straw that is over 100 years old.
Straw is also known for its high acid resistance and is also suitable for sushi rice using vinegar.

< Before using>

>>Remove the scent of the cypress tree used in the rice tub

    Fill the rice tub with the white water from washing the rice and leave it for 3 hours.

     If the water from the first wash is not enough, add the second and third water to fill the tub.

    Water may leak when performing this work, so do it in a place where it can get wet.

    After that, discard the water, wash it with water, and dry it in the shade.


<How to use>

>> Wipe the inside of the tub with a well-wrung cloth before transferring the rice.

     Moderate humidity suppresses the stickiness of the rice.

>> To wash, use a scrubbing brush and wash with water along the wood grain.

      Do not use synthetic detergent but use salt, powder cleanser, etc., if necessary.

>> Drain the water and dry it thoroughly in a well-ventilated shade before storing it in a dry place.

     The wood tar may ooze if you leave the lid closed, so please keep the cover open.

 >> Spray rubbing alcohol (ethanol) to prevent darkening and mold growth.


<For long-term storage>

>> If you do not use the product for a long time, wrap it in a cotton cloth and store it in a place with little

     temperature change and low humidity.

>> Direct sunlight, excessive and rapid drying, and prolonged immersion in water may cause the rings

     that bind them to loosen or come off and the material tree to warp or crack.


[About wood tar]

A natural resin contained in the wood may appear on the surface. It makes water and acid resistant and is harmless to the human body. If you are concerned about stickiness, wipe it off with rubbing alcohol (ethanol). As you continue to use it, the tar will not come out.