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【MIKURA】Black vinegar made of brown rice "Shizuka" - 玄米黒酢 玄(しずか) - 300ml


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Delicious vinegar handmade in wooden barrels

Made from only specially cultivated brown rice from Taki Town, Mie Prefecture.
Brown rice vinegar made in a wooden barrel that makes moromi (brown rice sake) in-house and then shifts to acetic acid fermentation.
The preparation time is about 200 days.
You can feel the richness of brown rice and the refreshing power of amino acids citrate.
Recommended for both drinking and cooking.
Drinking water, soy milk, milk, shochu, tomato juice, orange juice, etc.
Since it is resistant to heating, it is also suitable for cooking in a frying pan, such as Chinese food and black vinegar ankake.
Even if you put it in natto or miso soup. Grated radish, dried sardines, and pickled small fish in black vinegar will soften the fish, and you can also use black vinegar soaked in dashi and calcium for cooking.

Ingredients: brown rice (produced in Mie prefecture)