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【MORIKA】Millet for Rice 10 grains -彩り十穀-

Best Before: Oct/31/2023

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Japanese miscellaneous grains carefully selected for their deliciousness

It is an original blend that uses all Japanese ingredients.
JYUKOKU boasts not only excellent nutritional value, but also excellent taste and texture.

Mix 20% of white rice and soak in water for 2 hours before cooking.
Since it is a blend of only pale grains, it is not noticeable even if mixed with white rice, and it is finished so that you will not get tired of eating it every day.
(20% is a guide. Please eat at your favorite rate.)

■ Raw materials
Brown gultinous rice, Barley, Indian proso millet, Black soybean, Buckweat perboiled grain, Black gultinous rice, Egg millet, Foxtail gultinous millet, Japanese barnyard millet, cowpeas
・Brown gultinous rice is a contract-cultivated product from Nara Prefecture, and is characterized by being soft and chewy.
・Indian proso millet, Egg millet, Foxtail gultinous millet, and Japanese barnyard millet are miscellaneous grains cultivated in the Tohoku region. They are rich in sweetness and have a unique chewy texture.
-Black glutinous rice is a contract-cultivated product from Nara prefecture, and features a sweet scent and moderate elasticity.
-For the black beans and cowpeas, we used beans that are relatively small and easy to pass the fire so that you can easily cook them in a rice cooker.
・Hokkaido soba rice is characterized by its fluffy texture.
*Because buckwheat rice is used, please be careful if you are allergic to buckwheat.
Soba rice is not included in the five grains and fifteen grains.

■ Origin
Brown gultinous rice: from Nara prefecture
Barley: domestic
Indian proso millet: from Iwate prefecture
Black soybean: from Okayama prefecture
Black glutinous rice: from Niigata and Nara
Buckweat perboiled grain: from Hokkaido
Egg millet: from Iwate prefecture and Nagasaki prefecture
Foxtail gultinous millet: Iwate Prefecture
Japanese barnyard millet: from Iwate prefecture
Cowpeas: Okayama Prefecture