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【MORIKA】Millet "Red Glutinous Rice (Ancient Rice)" -赤もち米- 150g

Best Before: Mar/31/2023

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100% red glutinous rice made in Japan.

The red pigment in the seed coat is a catechol/tannin pigment (a kind of polyphenol).
The taste is light and easy to eat, with a slight sweetness. You can enjoy a moderate elasticity and a chewy feeling.

If you mix 20% of white rice and cook rice, you can easily cook light pink rice like red rice. Even if it gets cold, the taste remains the same and the color is beautiful, so it is ideal for rice balls and lunch boxes.
(20% is a guideline for introduction. Please eat at your favorite rate.)

■ Raw materials
Red glutinous rice

■ Origin
Nara Prefecture