Cut Mochi Brown -白毛もち 玄米切餅-

Best Before: May/09/2022

Ancient rice cake with traditional mortar and pestle.

This was inherited only in Kamiina, the only place in Nagano's rice.
This mochi rice is exquisite, but it takes time to cultivate and the yield is low.
Therefore, there has been no successor in recent years.
However, Wakka Agri cultivated mochi rice in cooperation with farmers in Kamiina, saying, "I want to convey this deliciousness to everyone.It is a highly nutritious rice cake with the aroma of brown rice.Of course, it is pesticide-free, so you can enjoy it safely and securely." This is a rice cake made with traditional mochi rice. Please try it.

50g(0.11lb) × 6pc