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【KANEMOTO】Eatable Miso "Garlic" -おかず味噌 にんにくみそ- 100g

Best Before: Mar/08/2023

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Uses garlic produced in Aomori prefecture. 

You can enjoy the umami and presence of garlic luxuriously by cutting it into small pieces instead of pasty. By adding sesame seeds, the aroma that spreads throughout the miso is entwined with the umami of garlic, and the chopsticks do not stop!
For accompaniment of rice, meat dishes, all-purpose seasonings, etc.

・ Put it on rice as it is
・ Dare with mayonnaise, add vegetables and meat
・ For seasoning of stir fry
・ Dissolve in ramen soup

■ Raw materials
Miso, garlic (produced in Aomori prefecture), sugar, sesame, mirin, brewed vinegar, pepper
■ Allergic items
Soybeans / wheat

After opening, please refrigerate and consume as soon as possible.