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【KANEMOTO】Soy sauce Garlic anchovy - にんにくアンチョビ醤油- 120g

Best Before: Jun/15/2023

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A golden combination of "garlic" and "anchovy"!!

It is an exquisite dish that was born repeatedly with the chef of a restaurant in Nagano prefecture.
Each has a strong and unique umami, and by combining the two ingredients that appeal to the appetite alone, we succeeded in creating a umami that spreads deeper into the mouth without the two ingredients fighting.

By using odorless garlic, even those who like garlic but are worried about the smell can enjoy it without worrying about the smell of the next day without losing the taste and nutritional value of garlic.

As soy sauce as it is, for tofu, carpaccio, omelet rice ...
Add vinegar to the dressing ...
As an arrangement recipe, the secret flavor of fried rice, pasta, omelet, instant Bagna cauda sauce mixed with milk and fresh cream, cream cheese and dare to snack ...

By applying heat, the umami of garlic becomes sweet and mellow, and you can enjoy a different taste than using it as it is.
It is a self-confident dish that can be used as a versatile seasoning and as a secret ingredient in various dishes.


Garlic anchovy soy sauce
No kitchen knife required! Instant exquisite recipe

[Anchovy-scented cream cheese pickled in soy sauce]
・ Cream cheese --- appropriate amount ・ Katsuobushi --- appropriate amount
・ Garlic anchovy soy sauce --- appropriate amount
Just mix everything! !! Wrap it in seaweed and put it on a cracker ...
Exquisite snacks with advanced sake.
If you let it sit in the refrigerator overnight, it will be even more delicious !!

Just mix !?
[Bagna cauda sauce in no time ☆]
・ Milk or soy milk --- appropriate amount ・ Fresh cream (no need) --- appropriate amount
・ Garlic anchovy soy sauce (A) --- appropriate amount ・ Water-soluble potato starch --- small amount
Mix milk or soy milk and fresh cream in the desired ratio and warm.
Add A little by little while watching the taste, and finally thicken with water-soluble potato starch ...
Authentic Bagna cauda sauce in no time!
Transform your home into a stylish restaurant ☆

~ Other arrangements ~
The secret flavor of fried rice, pasta, omelet, etc ...
Of course, a magical all-purpose seasoning that can also be used as soy sauce

■ Raw materials
Soy sauce, garlic (Nagano prefecture), edible olive oil, anchovies, powdered garlic (Nagano prefecture)
■ Allergic items
soy, wheat
■ Contents

After opening, please refrigerate and consume as soon as possible.