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【MIKURA】Sake lees white vinegar "Gekka " - 酒粕白酢 月下 - 300ml

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Delicious vinegar handmade in wooden barrels

Manufactured in Mie Prefecture Sake lees are aged for three years, and red sake lees are used as raw materials in wooden barrels. Surface fermentation method.
The preparation time is about 70 days.
The deep taste is the original transparent sake lees vinegar that is not colored while keeping the aged red vinegar as it is.
Please enjoy the gentle taste.
Sushi rice, pickled vinegar, and vinegared dishes are mellow and easy to match with rice, fish, and vegetables, and are also delicious when applied to dumplings and ramen.
Pickle garlic, laurel and black pepper, pickle bonito flakes.
A versatile vinegar with a dashi and aroma extracted.

Ingredients: Alcohol (manufactured in Japan) Sake lees (manufactured in Mie Prefecture)