Retort Pack "Kamiakari" -カミアカリ玄米ごはんパック-

Best Before: Jul/20/2024

This is a convenient retort pack of pesticide-free and natural farming Kamiakari!

Brown rice is so well-balanced that it is said to be a complete nutritional diet because the germ part is packed with nutrients.
Kamiakari is known as a giant germ and is three times as large as regular rice!

Born from Koshihikari, the taste of this Kamiakari is outstanding.

Furthermore, unlike ordinary brown rice, it has less bitterness/harshness, and has a corn-like aroma and gentle sweetness.

Since it is produced at our own farm "the rice farm", it is safe and secure because it does not use pesticides and is naturally cultivated.

Brown rice takes time to cook, but retort pouches can be eaten immediately when you want to.
We have prepared a 1 pack trial size as well as 5 packs and 10 packs for those looking for more at a great price.
If you don't have enough time to cook rice and want to eat rice immediately, or in case of an emergency, this is a great choice.

1 pack 160g (1 serving)


Q. I received my order in a damaged condition. What should I do?
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It would be a shock to receive an item that is damaged. We are very careful with our packaging, but in rare circumstances, an item may be damaged. We will contact the shipping company based on the pictures we receive from the customer and send the new product again to the customer.

Q. Please tell me how to cook good rice!

A. We'll take care of it!
You don't need to buy anything else to enjoy delicious rice. For more details, please refer to the URL below:

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