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【TANAKAYOSHIHIDE SHOTEN】Low-sugar grained bean paste - つぶあん - 500g

Best Before: Aug/23/2023

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Taste the premium quality of red bean paste, Tanakayoshihideshoten!

With a low sugar content of 47%, the taste of red beans is much more prevelant compared to those sold in markets and grocery stores.

Red bean paste you find in stores are often made in China and contain sugar content from 58% all the way up to 62%!

With this premium red bean paste, less sugar is used and you can really appreciate the flavor profile of the sweet red beans from Hokkaido and feel guilt free of the beet sugar that is incorporated, also from Hokkaido!

Try this with your next bowl of ice cream, cookies, waffles, pancakes, any desserts, or your next tea time with friends!

Sugar content is calculated using the specific gravity method.