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【TANAKAYOSHIHIDE SHOTEN】Low-sugar grained bean paste - つぶあん - 500g

Best Before: Jun/23/2023

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Grained bean paste with a low sugar content of 47%.

Sugar content is the most basic indicator that determines the taste of red bean paste.
Generally distributed red bean paste has a sugar content of 52%. Japanese sweet bean paste sold in grocery stores is made in China and is considered to have a sugar content of 58 to 62%.

The lower the sugar content of red bean paste, the less sugar is used, so the flavor of the beans themselves can be fully appreciated. However, red beans are about four times more expensive than sugar, so manufacturers who mainly sell low-priced red bean paste use more sugar, resulting in a higher sugar content. The sugar content can reach over 60 degrees, and the sweetness of the sugar stands out more than the flavor of the beans.

Red beans from Hokkaido are used, and beet sugar from Hokkaido is also used.
We hope you will give it a try.

Sugar content is calculated using the specific gravity method.