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【Maruhon】 Sesame Oil -マルホン胡麻油- 5.29oz

Best Before: Feb/24/2024

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Experience different shades of sesame oil!

The intensity, mellowness, and appearance of sesame oil vary depending on the temperature at which sesame is roasted and the method of pressing. Lightly roasted for a soft aroma and light shade, and deep roasted for a strong aroma and dark shade.

By using sesame oil with a light color and soft scent for tempura and marinade, it is finished with a refreshing taste that makes the best use of the taste of the ingredients, while sesame oil with a strong dark color can be used as sauce, soup, and stir-fry oil.
Regardless of what color you choose, the result is an appetizing dish!

We hope that you will enjoy using this sesame oil as a seasoning!

  1. Untoasted
    Very clean, neutral flavor profile. Versatile and smooth. Excellent alternative to vegetable, olive, and other oils. Mix with herbs to make a salad dressing.
  2. Lightly Toasted
    Also called Taiko, this sesame oil has a fresh, mild aroma. Not overpowering. Perfect for a wide range of different cuisines. Add a couple drops to give Asian soups and garlic sauces (ajillo) more flavor.
  3. Toasted
    Rich aroma. Concentrated, nutty flavor. Perfect for a wide range of ethnic recipes. Use for marinating vegetables, seafood, and chicken.
  4. Dark Toasted
    Very fragrant, strong aroma with a balanced, robust flavor. Best for Asian cuisine. Use in Japanese, Chinese, and Korean recipes; makes a great BBQ sauce.