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【SOKEN】Mayonnaise with fertilized egg - 有精卵マヨネーズ - 300g

Best Before: Apr/21/2023

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■We use the precious fertilized eggs of chickens raised in the rich environment of Japan.
We use domestically produced fertilized eggs from chickens raised in a rich domestic environment where they can move freely and mate naturally. (Raised in an environment with at least 5% roosters)
The oil is a blend of "rape seed oil" and "safflower oil" that is pressed only. The oil is a blend of "rape oil" and "safflower oil," which is pressed only. It is egg yolk type and has a light and mild flavor.
No seasonings (amino acids, etc.) are used.
Rape seed is not genetically modified.
The sugar used is beet sugar.
Convenient double cap with star shape and narrow mouth.


Edible vegetable oils and fats (rape seed oil, safflower oil) (manufactured in Japan), egg yolk (chicken egg (from Japan)), vinegar, sugar, salt, spices, (includes egg and apple)


●Storage method: Store in a dark place at room temperature away from direct sunlight and high temperature/humidity.
Products containing "milk ingredients", "wheat", "peanuts", "shrimps", and "crabs" are produced in this product manufacturing plant.
Keep refrigerated after opening.
Please peel off the aluminum seal before use.
After opening the package, push out the air, close the cap tightly, store in the refrigerator (suitable temperature: 5-10℃), and use within one month.
Please note that the product may separate if the storage temperature drops below 0℃.
The yolks have been pasteurized and are not subject to heat sterilization.
The yolks are heat-sterilized, but the allergenicity is the same as raw eggs.