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【MARUYA】Miso Organic "Haccyo-miso" -有機八丁味噌 - 400g

Best Before: Apr/13/2024

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Hatcho Miso is naturally brewed using a traditional method that uses only organic soybeans and salt.

It is a traditional miso that uses only soybeans, salt, and water, and follows the traditional method of following the providence of nature for two summers and two winters without human intervention, and brings out the flavor of the ingredients.Hatcho Miso has a deep brown color and is characterized by its unique astringency and umami. Miso with a weak sweetness due to its low sugar content.Miso has a deep flavor and richness, so we recommend stewed miso, miso nikomi udon, and meat miso.It is also recommended for fish dishes such as mackerel miso boiled because its characteristic astringency and richness have the effect of removing the odor of meat and fish.