Millet ”Pearl Barley” -もち麦- 150g

Best Before: Nov/29/2021

It is 100% Pearl barley from Japan.

Pearl barley is a mochi variety of barley. It is characterized by a highly viscous and chewy texture.

Mix 10% white rice and Pearl barley, wash and drain. If you soak it in a little more water than usual for 1 to 2 hours and then cook, you will get a mochi-mochi rice with a fluffy texture.

Also, after washing, soak it in water for about 1 hour to make a stewed dish or soup, it will have a natural sticking.
Beta-glucan contained in Pearl barley is a water-soluble dietary fiber and has received a great deal of attention in recent years.

■ Raw materials
Pearl barley

■ Origin

■ History
Mochi wheat has a very long history, and it was cultivated in Southwest Asia by around 3,000 BC.
In Japan, it has been cultivated mainly in regions such as Shikoku, China, and Kyushu.