Eatable Miso "Japanese Green Onions" -おかず味噌 ねぎみそ- 100g

Best Before: Jul/15/2022

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Uses Japanese green onions and dried bonito flakes.

I cut it into large pieces and valued the texture of the japanese green onions. The dashi stock from the dried bonito is combined with Shinshu miso to create a simple yet elegant, delicate and gentle flavor.
For instant miso soup, ochazuke, grilled rice balls, etc ...

・ Pour hot water into instant miso soup
・ Pour dashi and tea for ochazuke
・ For grilled rice balls (By applying miso and then baking, it becomes grilled miso and has a savory flavor)
・ For the secret taste of simmered dishes

■ Raw materials
Miso, green onion (domestic), dried bonito, sugar, pepper
■ Allergic items
■ Contents

After opening, please refrigerate and consume as soon as possible.