Rice Bran -米ぬか-


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Did you know that there are many uses for rice bran?
First, fresh rice bran is great for rice bran floors.
Also, if you put it in a tea pack and use it as a bath agent, your skin will be smooth due to the sterilizing power of rice bran and the whitening effect.
You can also eat rice bran by roasting it.
There is no habit in the taste, and you can use it with a feeling similar to kinako.
You can easily take the nutrition of brown rice.
Finally, the old rice bran can be used to clean the oil in the frying pan and tomato sauce.
It's very easy to use.
If you sprinkle rice bran on the dirty area and mix, rice bran will absorb the dirt.
Then go to the trash with rice bran. It is very good for the environment, so it is recommended.
There are many other ways to use rice bran.
Please enjoy rice bran life.