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【KANEMOTO】Eatable Miso "Spicy" -おかず味噌 からうま- 100g

Best Before: Jul/14/2023

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It is packed with radishes, carrots, cucumbers, Nozawana, and Shiso seeds!

From the crispy texture of vegetables, the refreshing flavor of Shiso, the aroma of sesame seeds and the spiciness of peppers spread.
It's a little spicy, but it has a delicious taste, and it has a deep taste like Narazuke.
When combined with mayonnaise, it transforms into a Japanese-style tartar sauce! !!
For rice, ochazuke, tofu ...

・ For miso mayo vegetable dip
・ Use Japanese-style tartar sauce as a sandwich
・ Put it on rice or tofu as it is

■ Raw materials
Miso, cucumber, radish, carrot, soy sauce, sugar, Nozawana, Shiso seeds, brewed vinegar, sesame, pepper
■ Allergic items
Soybeans / wheat
■ Contents

After opening, please refrigerate and consume as soon as possible.