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【HAKUSAN】Dish&Plate "Layered stripes" -重ね縞-


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The "layered stripes" of "Hakusan Pottery", which inherits the kiln of the Edo period, are
A long-selling product that has been loved by many since its birth in 1984.

There is universality and freshness that does not make you feel the times at all.

Simple indigo and white are colors that are easily accepted by dining tables.
But the indigo line is swaying in a hand-drawn style,
The design is not only simple but also playful.

Although it is a square plate, the four corners are slightly curved and rounded, so
Easy to match with other round plates and bowls,
Furthermore, it will be much easier to serve.
Even pasta with plenty of sauce will fit nicely.

There are 5 sizes.
The largest "L plate" seems to be useful for hors d'oeuvres that are picked up by a large number of people.
If you serve sandwiches etc. and use the "S plate" as a plate,
The usual menu turns into a dish of hospitality.
"S plate" goes well with Japanese sweets such as Mizuyokan, too.

The "M plate", which is smaller than the L plate, is a size that can comfortably fit a side dish for one person.
Breakfast toast, curry for one person, and assorted tempura will surely look delicious.
For a cool sashimi platter, add a "SS plate" containing soy sauce.
The "SS plate" is a convenient size for soy sauce, sauce, pickles, etc.

The moderately thin "Rectangle plate" fits not only fish fillets but also roasted fish smartly.
You can also enjoy the cooking style by assorting several kinds of appetizers.

By increasing the number of lines on each plate with the center as the boundary,
Moderate tension and contrast are born,
It also makes the food look delicious.
Long-selling products have a good reason.
The more you use it, whether it's Japanese, Western, or Chinese, the more you will realize the reason.

L plate: W10.82 x D10.82 x H1 - 1.6 in
M plate: W8.27 x D8.27 x H0.82 - 1.26 in
S plate: W6.5 x D6.5 x H0.7 - 0.98 in
SS plate: W3.93 x D3.93 x H0.55 - 0.79 in
Rectangle plate: W10 x D4.5 in