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【HASHIKYU】Chopsticks "Bamboo" -竹箸(半皮)-


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Bamboo chopsticks with only half the bamboo skin

This chopstick uses Kyushu bamboo for the bare wood. After cutting, the oil is drained, exposed to the sun, night dew, and rain to dry naturally, and is a high-quality handmade bamboo chopstick that does not use any paint or chemicals that has been manually processed through 22 processes.
Bamboo is a symbol of longevity and friendship because it grows quickly and is strong and vibrant, and it also has the meaning of an amulet. It is also considered as one of the clean plants.

Bamboo has been widely used as a wood for chopsticks since ancient times because it is light, tenacious and durable. It is said that the first chopsticks made in Japan used bamboo for bare wood.

Chopstick length
Large: 23 cm (9.06 in)
Medium: 21cm (8.27in)