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【UMINOSEI】Pickled Radish "Standard" - 天日干したくあん- 180g

Best Before: Sep/28/2023

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Traditional Japanese pickles

Using only Miyazaki radish and rice bran, a small amount of organic red pepper, and sea salt as raw materials, it is slowly naturally fermented using the traditional method. This is a fermented authentic takuan made by drying radish well in the sun to bring out the sweetness and umami.

It has a chewy texture, and the natural sweetness and umami of dried radish is well-matched with the gentle salty taste of sea salt, giving it a nostalgic taste. No sugar or yeast extract is used.

It can be widely used as a cooking ingredient, such as rice, stir-fried food, and sushi.

[Ingredient name]
Radish, rice bran, sea salt, organic red pepper