Enjoy a Unique Ocean-to-Table Experience at Spring Lake Seafood

Spring Lake Seafood restaurant

Located on the shore of Spring Lake, New Jersey, this fresh fish market was built around one central vision: showing their community the value and incredible flavor of high-quality, locally sourced seafood. Launched by seafood connoisseur and seasoned Chef Bradley Rodriguez, this local market offers more than just the daily catch. Chef Bradley channels over two decades of experience in the kitchen into a creative and mouthwatering menu of authentic, seasonal dishes.

With a rich family history in the fishing industry, Bradley has an exceptional eye for quality and knows the value of respecting the ingredients he uses in his dishes. His inspired cuisine makes full use of the abundance of fresh seafood available daily, so the eatery's menu is constantly changing to accommodate the freshest catch. To consistently deliver the highest quality seafood to all their customers, Spring Lake Seafood works with local fishing boats, farms, and partners to support the sustainable fishing industry while contributing to the local economy.

We spoke with the owner, Chef Bradley Rodriguez, to better understand what makes Spring Lake Seafood a must-taste on your list of the East Coast's seafood joints.


Tell us about the concept of Spring Lake Seafood 

Spring Lake Seafood restaurant

We are a seafood-forward restaurant that focuses on sourcing the best quality seafood and ingredients while doing our best to ensure sustainability throughout the process. We want to give our guests an unforgettable experience they can't get anywhere else. With our eatery, we strive to create a unique ocean-to-table experience for our customers, so they can enjoy the freshest catch right off the boats.


What is your favorite dish on the menu? What are some local favorites?  

dishes at Spring Lake Seafood restaurant

One of our signature dishes is the spicy tuna pizza, a famous Japanese fusion dish that serves a spicy tuna mixture atop a crispy rice patty drizzled with wasabi crema. Another fan favorite would be the kamikaze ora king nigiri, a perfectly seared local ora king salmon slice atop a bed of sushi rice. People generally love everything Akami, also known as the red, meaty cut of tuna. Then, of course, spaghetti and clams are always a huge hit. All our dishes are made with the freshest ingredients, and you can taste the difference. 


What inspired you to start using the rice factory NEW YORK's rice? 

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Using the rice factory's rice was an easy decision for us. We wanted to serve our customers with the best quality ingredients, which meant finding a partner who could consistently provide us with the freshest, highest-grade rice. After lots of research and testing, we found that the Rice Factory is an expert in the field and has decades of experience in the rice-making business. Thanks to the Rice Factory, we could source freshly milled rice and develop the exact texture we were trying to achieve. Plus, they have friendly staff, an easy ordering process, and fast delivery times. There really is no comparison to the quality of Japanese rice they offer! 


How are the customers responding to the rice from the rice factory?

inside the restaurant

The rice factory NEW YORK's rice has given us the unique opportunity to show our customers that sushi is not only about having the best quality fish but also largely about having the right quality Japanese rice. As a result, we get many compliments daily, but the biggest compliment is that they keep returning!


Does Spring Lake Seafood have any news or upcoming events we should know about? 

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With summer right around the corner, we have a new menu launching and some fantastic new products we have been working on. We can't wait to share them with all of you! While we don't have any dates to share yet, you can follow us on Instagram or Facebook to stay in the loop!


Do you have any final messages to share with our readers? 

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Our mission is to improve every day and connect with our customers and the high-quality products available to us. Working with companies like the Rice Factory has been a massive part of bringing our vision to life. We strongly believe in learning from each other and growing together. Our love language is food, and we are blessed to share it with the world.

We look forward to seeing you at Spring Lake Seafood!


Spring Lake Seafood
Address: 1300 3rd Ave, Spring Lake, NJ 07762
Phone: (732) 449-4233
Web: springlakeseafood.com