Tasting TATSU DALLAS: An Authentic Japanese Dining Experience in Dallas, TX

Located in downtown Dallas, TATSU DALLAS has already started making a tuna-sized splash in the local culinary scene.


Executive Chef and Owner Tatsuya Sekiguchi has designed a menu that not only keeps guests coming back for more, but that has been recognized by the Dallas Morning News as one of DFW’s most anticipated new restaurants. 

TATSU’s dinner service is presented as a 3-4 course seasonal tasting menu that showcases its premium quality seafood and vegetables, authentic Japanese rice, and traditional preparation methods. Guests are given the choice of 1-2 appetizers, followed by an assortment of seasonal nigiri, a hand roll, and miso soup, followed by dessert. 

We spoke with Head Chef Tatsuya to get a better idea of Tastu’s concept, values, and menu:


Tell us about how TATSUcame to life. What was the concept behind it?

Japanese rice with Sushi

I wanted to start a restaurant that would share a very specific style of sushi not given enough attention in the Western world: Edomae Sushi. Most people don’t realize that within Japan, there are various different regional sushi methods that remain today. Edomae is a style that started in Tokyo, and is named after the ancient city of Edo. 

In the Edomae sushi tradition, the rice is prepared with red vinegar, giving it a slightly red color. Edomae sushi also involves seasoning and sometimes partially cooking the fish before adding it to the rice, as in the nigiri style. This combination of preparation methods brings out the best flavors in the fish and the rice.

What are some of your signature menu items and how does the quality of the ingredients play a part in creating them?

We are proud of all our sushi dishes, but the eel nigiri made with eel from Maine and the vegetable nigiri made with Texan green onion have been more popular than we expected. Our customers recognize the quality of the ingredients in these seemingly simple dishes.

I also like to emphasize the importance of rice, both the quality and preparation, to all our customers. Because rice is the most important part of the sushi experience, I make a point of listing the brand we use on the menu. The water used for cooking the rice is another crucial component. We must have researched and ordered over a dozen different kinds of water in the U.S., and after much consideration, we happened to find that the best water was in Texas. Their water is soft water, which is similar to the water we use in Japan, and has a wonderful history behind it that I encourage everyone to look into. Our customers here in Texas have nothing but good reviews for the authentic Japanese rice that is made by combing their water with the rice factory NEW YORK’s rice.


What made you decide to start selling rice from the rice factory NEW YORK?


When I first moved to Texas from New York and started my restaurant. I had a hard time gathering the quality ingredients I needed. In addition to the logistical problems caused by the pandemic, the market in Texas seemed to be different from that of New York, which made it difficult to obtain the ingredients and rice that we wanted, even from Japanese food suppliers. 

We contacted the rice factory NEW YORK, and they were able to provide us with a wide range of rice varieties, which can be hard to find in the states. They were also really flexible to our needs, providing us with blends of multiple varieties and blending ratios, all while offering a stable and reliable supply.


How are TATSU’s customers reacting to the rice from the rice factory NEW YORK?

How are TATSU’s customers reacting to the rice from the rice factory NEW YORK?

We have been using the rice from the rice factory NEW YORK since the restaurant’s opening, and perhaps the most common feedback that we receive is that the rice is delicious. I also feel that with the Japanese rice blends and ratios that we currently order from them, I am able to make even better rice than I did when I was in New York!


Do you have a message to share with readers about TATSU and Japanese cuisine?


I want everyone to keep in mind that quality Japanese cuisine goes beyond performance and expensive ingredients; it has a lot to do with safe ingredients from reliable producers. At Tatsu, we are not only concerned about Japanese ingredients but also about their sustainability. We put a lot of effort into sourcing quality ingredients that are sustainably produced in the U.S. From there, we also put a lot of work into carefully preparing each dish and honoring the ingredients to make the best sushi for our guests. 

My mission is to make the best sushi possible for every customer that walks through our doors. I want to create memorable, once-in-a-lifetime dining experiences for every guest. That’s my ultimate goal.



Address: 3309 Elm St ste 120, Dallas, TX 75226

Phone: (469) 271-7710

Web: tatsu-dallas.com