The Best Side Dishes to Serve with Japanese Rice (Part 2)

Who knew that Japanese rice could be so versatile? In our last blog post about traditional side dishes to serve with Japanese rice, we explored some of the most creative ways to enjoy this delicious grain. But we're not done yet! Here are a few more recipe ideas for you to try out. And trust us, your taste buds will thank you.


[Hiroshima Gyoren] Rich Oyster Sauce 

sauce sauce

If you've ever ordered a stir-fry or noodle dish from a restaurant, there's a big chance you've tried oyster sauce! Made from, you guessed it—oyster extracts, this popular flavor-maker has been used for over a century to provide dishes with that irresistibly salty and umami flavor we all know and love.

Hiroshima Gyoren's Rich Oyster Sauce is a great way to add an extra layer of oceany delight to your Japanese food adventures in the US! An excellent choice for stir-fries, this sauce is packed full of oyster flavor that surpasses even store-bought versions—try it as a dip or incorporate it into your egg rolls for a unique Japanese twist. Best of all, it's an easy way to uplift your next bowl of steamed Japanese rice on those nights when you just don't want to cook!


[Torimoto] Rice Seasoning for Sanriku Seafood 

food food

Looking for an easy rice dish that tastes like a restaurant-quality meal? It doesn’t get any better than our Torimoto Sanriku Seafood seasoning mix! This Japanese food delicacy is a fantastic way to get your family to cook. With nothing more than a rice cooker needed, this meal pack is an easy way to make an incredibly nutritious evening meal. Chunky, seasonal Pacific saury is packed with umami and protein, while the vegetables and seaweed provide sweet and salty notes, along with tons of vitamins and minerals. Rich in flavor yet easy on the palate, the additive-free and hearty broth mixes amazingly with Japanese rice.

Another great way to enjoy this delicious rice kit is to mix it with a selection of fresh garden vegetables to make Takikomi Gohan, a popular Japanese mixed rice recipe. Add Torimoto Seafood seasoning mix to your repertoire today for an amazing Japanese dining experience that everyone can enjoy!


[CHIBANSANCHOKU] Canned seasoned sardines 

canned food fish and rice

Watch out—this is not your average can of fish! Japanese Canned seasoned sardines, also known as Chibasanchoku, are sure to take your taste buds on an adventure of a lifetime. Giant in-season sardines are hand-picked for this delicious rice accompaniment. After simmering in a mix of soy sauce and sugar, the result is an incredibly flavourful melt-in-your-mouth experience.

Enjoy this delectable treat with a bowl of rice or share them with your children; thanks to the extensive simmering process, the softened bones make it easier for little mouths to enjoy!


[HIRASHO] Pacific Saury Flake or "Sanma Boroboro" 

rice ball rice with side dishes 

Hirasho Pacific Saury Flake is a Japanese food staple that adds an extra dose of nutrition to your next meal. In Japan, Pacific Saury (also known as sanma or "autumn swordfish" in Japanese) is traditionally eaten during autumn after the late summer catch following their spawning season in July. The Saury's nutritious oils keep residents nourished throughout the seasonal changes as temperatures cool into winter. Sanma Boroboro is a result of grinding fresh saury and curing it with soy sauce, sugar, sake, and a fermented seasoning to enjoy throughout the year.

This unique topping combines the in-season saury, burdock root, carrots, and sesame seeds for a protein-filled and delicious mix of flavors. And as if that wasn't enough to make mealtime exciting again, its cooked ground meat texture and Japanese rice pairing make Pacific Saru Flake a great way to elevate any rice dish. One of the best ways to enjoy this Japanese staple is to incorporate it into a rice ball (onigiri) or just sprinkle it on top of your rice bowl! 


[SALTYBE] Natural salt "Shiomaru blue/white" 

salt salt

An essential part of Japanese cuisine for centuries, salt continues to be one of the best ways to enhance the flavors in any dish. Now there’s something even better—Saltybe Shiomaru salt. Available in two colors—white or blue—this natural salt is time-consuming to make, but the results really do speak for themselves. Its clean umami-packed flavor adds an extra pop of edible art to food when you cook or top your meal with it—what could be better? If you love to enjoy the subtle flavors of high-quality ingredients, invite a pinch of SALTYBE salt into your next Japanese-themed dinner! 


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