[How to cook] Japanese Brown Rice

Japanese brown rice, also known as “Genmai,” is short-grain brown rice.

Brown rice retains the bran and germ intact, making it rich in vitamins, minerals, and fiber. It is less sticky than white rice, has a nutty flavor, and subtle sweetness.


How to Cook Brown Rice and Cooking Tips

Cooking tips and steps: 


    1. Rub gently 
      1. Rub the brown rice gently while washing. 
      2. It helps each rice grain absorb water, resulting in softer rice. 
      3. Change the water and repeat washing for 1-2 minutes. 
    2. Soak Longer
      1. Soak the rice longer than white rice, at least 2 hours. 
      2. It allows to soak more moisture and maximize flavor.

Cook in a pot:

    1. Drain the water and remove it to a pot. 
    2. Use cold water.
      1. Add cold water or water with ice cubes for cooking. 
      2. The water temperature rises gradually, it allows the rice to absorb moisture at a steady pace. 
      3. Placing the rice in the refrigerator when presoaking also helps. 
    3. Keep the lid on. 
      1. Keep the lid on, let the steam cook the rice tender. 
    4. Start with medium heat to reach boiling (10 - 15 minutes). 
    5. Once boiled, reduce the heat to low.
    6. Cook for 20 minutes on low heat, keeping the lid on. 
    7. Turn off the heat. 
    8. Remove the pot from the stove and steam for 10 minutes. 
    9. Keep the lid on, never open. 
    10. Carefully open the lid.
    11. Fluff the rice with a rice scoop. 

Cook in a Rice Cooker:

    1. Transfer the washed rice to the pot. 
    2. Add water to the measuring line. 
    3. Turn on the "Brown Rice" mode and start cooking. 
    4. Gently stir the cooked rice. 

    The cooked brown rice is now ready to eat! 


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    Cooking instructions by Azusa