[RECIPE] Temaki Sushi

Temaki Sushi (hand roll Sushi) offers a delightful fusion of flavors and textures, making it an ideal choice for both festive gatherings and effortless weeknight dinners. With a simple yet satisfying assembly process, you can customize each roll to suit your palate.  (Served in Hakusan Layered Stripes, Medium and SS, Hakusan Commo, Large, used Tamagoyaki frying pan



Serving: 3-4
Time: 40 minutes



  • 3 pcs Egg
  • Salt
  • 1 tsp Mirin
  • Shiso leaves
  • Cucumber
  • Kanikama imitation crab
  • Your preferred Sashimi fish (salmon, tuna, yellowtail, and more) 
  • Ikura
  • Soy suace
  • Wasabi



        1. Cook the rice by rinsing the rice and adding water. Cook it in a rice cooker or pot.
        2. Once the rice is cooked, add in the Sushi vinegar and mix gently.
        3. Cook Tamagoyaki by whisking eggs with a pinch of salt and Mirin. Cook in a heated pan, rolling it into an egg omelette. Set aside to cool and cut it.
        4. Prepare other ingredients – cut cucumber into slender sticks, shred the imitation crab, and thinly slice the Sashimi fish.
        5. Assemble the Temaki Sushi rolls
          1. Place a sheet of Nori seaweed on a flat surface. 
          2. Spoon a generous portion of Sushi rice onto the left half of the seaweed. 
          3. Arrange you desired filling diagonally across the rice from the top left corner to the middle of the rice mound. 
          4. Carefully roll the Nori sheet from the bottom left corner upwards, enclosing the fillings to form a cone-shaped roll. 

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      RECIPE by Azusa