[RECIPE] Yaki Onigiri

Elevate your BBQ experience with the delicious Yaki Onigiri, grilled Japanese rice balls. These tasty treats boast a tantalizing contrast of textures - crispy exteriors yielding to fluffy, savory interiors. For optimal flavor, consider crafting it with leftover rice or cooled cooked rice, ensuring they maintain the shape.  (Served in Hakusan Layered Stripes, Medium and Used Rice Mold, Grill Net, Rice Scoop)



Serving: 8-10 pcs
Time: 40 minutes




          1. In a bowl with leftover rice or cooled cooked rice, add sesame seeds and Katsuobushi to mix. 
          2. With clean hands or a rice mold, shape the rice mixture into triangular rice balls, ensuring to press it firmly to maintain the shape. 
          3. Prepare the sauce by mixing Mirin and soy sauce. 
          4. Heat a grill net or a pan over medium-low heat, adding a drizzle of sesame oil. Carefully place the rice balls. 
          5. As the rice balls cook, periodically baste them with the sauce, allowing the surfaces to develop slight char. 
          6. Once both sides get desired crispness and charred, remove it from the heat. 

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        RECIPE by Azusa