【the rice farm】Amazake "Kamiakari Brown rice" -Fermented Organic Brown Rice Drink -カミアカリ玄米甘酒-

Best Before: Feb/21/2025

What is the NEW product, “Naturally grown Kamiakari brown rice amazake”?

  1. This is a super-version of “Drinking Drip” Amazake!
    Amazake contains an abundance of the components that decompose rice from “Koji”, glucose, vitamin B group, minerals and amino acids. Amazake has been known as “drinking drip” because these ingredients are the same as drip.

    Even though it is a nutritious amazake, the new product “Naturally Grown Kamiakari Brown Rice Amazake” uses giant germ rice Kamiakari, which is said to have more than three times the normal amount of dietary fiber and vitamin B. Amazake has extraordinary nutritional value.

    Furthermore, the cultivation method of the material, Kamiakari is completely fertilizer-free and pesticide-free (natural cultivation) using only the pure water of the Southern Alps in Nagano prefecture, Japan. There is no risk of residual pesticides. The super-evolved version of ordinary Amazake is Kamiakari brown rice Amazake.

    Characteristics of taste
    “Eat amazake” with plenty of grain. A new texture with moderate sweetness and fragrant flavor like grain. Mr. Miyajima Sake Brewery, the specialist in brown rice amazake production, who undertook the production, said, “I was able to make a delicious amazake that wasn't straightforward,” he said.

    When do you drink AMAZAKE?
    1.) As heat stroke prevention

    The drink required to prevent heat stroke is a drink containing 40-80mg of sodium. Amazake's sodium content is approximately 60mg per 100ml. Ideal as a drink to prevent heat stroke.

    2.) As fatigue recovery

    Abundant nutritional value is ideal for preventing summer heat. Brown rice amazake, which contains abundant nutrition even in small amounts, is the best drink to survive the hot summer.

    3.) As prevention and elimination of constipation

    Abundant dietary fiber and oligosaccharides reduce bad bacteria in the intestines and increase good bacteria to improve the intestinal environment. A drink that helps prevent or eliminate constipation.

    4). As a beautiful skin effect

    Brown rice amazake, rich in B vitamins, has the effect of promoting blood circulation and metabolism. When blood circulation improves, waste products are also discharged, and biotin contained in koji molds is excellent for rough skin and dull skin."


Q. I received my order in a damaged condition. What should I do?
A. Please take a photo of the damaged condition and contact us.
It would be a shock to receive an item that is damaged. We are very careful with our packaging, but in rare circumstances, an item may be damaged. We will contact the shipping company based on the pictures we receive from the customer and send the new product again to the customer.

Q. Please tell me how to cook good rice!

A. We'll take care of it!
You don't need to buy anything else to enjoy delicious rice. For more details, please refer to the URL below:

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