【CHIBASANCHOKU】Canned Unglazed Sardines -いわしの白焼き風 缶詰-

Best Before: Oct/01/2024

This is a savory open-fire baked canned fish that is popular amongst women!

This canned fish contains seasonal Japanese sardines with moderate amount of fat.

They are first sprinkled with sake then baked over open fire heat and seasoned with salt and sake only!

You can enjoy the sardines without bones as well as the fragrance of the roast and soft plump body, which are difficult to reproduce at home.

As this is a baked fish that uses no sugar and only a little salt, it is highly recommended for recipes that are not cooked with heat, such as, salads, sandwiches, chirashi sushi, and cold pasta!



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Q. Please tell me how to cook good rice!

A. We'll take care of it!
You don't need to buy anything else to enjoy delicious rice. For more details, please refer to the URL below:

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