Salt Plums "Shiso Pickled Plum"【Japanese Organic】-有機梅干し しそづけ梅- 100g

Best Before: Feb/11/2022

A rare pickled plum pickled with pesticide-free plums using only pesticide-free red shiso and discerning salt

From Wakayama Prefecture, we have stocked a limited amount from a Umeboshi specialty store that specializes in the cultivation and production of Nanko Ume!
This is a sour umeboshi with a thick texture and a solid texture that is just called "real umeboshi". The salt content is 17% and the size is about 20g per grain.
Traditional shiso umeboshi, with the rich aroma of red perilla and the sourness of umeboshi.
It features a beautiful red color with no additives and no chemical seasonings.