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【NAGAO】Ceramic grill net - セラミック焼き網 -


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The far-infrared effect of the ceramic gives a delicious and fluffy finish.

〇It can be used on a gas stove provided in the kitchen or on a tabletop stove that uses solid fuel.

〇This product cannot be used with outdoor gas burners or other cooking utensils that use cassette cylinders, as the cylinders may explode due to the radiant heat of the ceramic.

〇To prevent food from sticking to the grill, warm the grill before placing food on it.
〇It is easy to maintain and the baking time is short.
It can be used not only for bread, but also for vegetables, fish, rice cakes, etc.
〇It can be used as an alternative to a toaster.

〇No induction heating.
〇Do not use a cassette stove (the far-infrared effect can overheat the cylinder, making it dangerous).

〇After use, please cool down and wash.


Material: Bottom: Ceramics, Top: Iron (chrome plated)
Size: 220x220xH40mm
Country of origin: Made in Japan