【FUGA】Lightly Cooked Raw Seaweed with Soy sauce - あさ炊き生のり - (90g)

Best Before: Jul/17/2025

Taste the harmony of land and sea of Kumamoto prefecture 

Experience the authentic taste of Japan with our freshly harvested seaweed, simmered to perfection only in soy sauce. The aroma of the sea wafts from this exquisite delicacy, transporting your senses to the shores of Japan with every bite.

Kumamoto seaweed, with its fragrant aroma and the natural umami inherent to seaweed, offers a wonderful taste and excellent texture. Seaweed is a traditional food that the Japanese people have loved for over 1,400 years. We highly recommend that you try "Kumamoto Nori", which is carefully produced by 400 seaweed producers in Kumamoto.

Paired perfectly with freshly cooked soft rice like Yumepirica, Oborozuki, Tsuyahime, and Organic Milky Queen, it takes your ordinary rice to a new level of delectable delight. It could also serve as a unique filling for your rice balls made with Nanatsuboshi, and Organic Sasanishiki rice. The possibilities are endless with our special ingredient. Give it a try and find the perfect pairing that suits your taste buds. Get ready for a gastronomic adventure that promises to be both satisfying and unforgettable.

Backstory of the Kumamoto seaweed

Kumamoto Prefecture is a major seaweed producing region with a nationally renowned production volume. Here, seaweed is farmed in the Ariake and Yatsushiro Seas, which are fed by rich river waters from the Aso Mountains and Kyushu Highlands. The history of "Kumamoto Nori" is extensive, dating back to the early Meiji era when seaweed production commenced at the mouth of the Kikuchi River. By around 1879, production started at the mouth of the Kuma River in the Yatsushiro Sea. Also, in 1953, Kumamoto Prefecture was successful in artificially seeding seaweed, leading to the widespread adoption of seaweed farming techniques and a significant increase in production. Furthermore, Kumamoto was one of the first to undertake floating seaweed farming in the Ariake Sea, with the unique feature of having both stake and floating farming sites.

The deliciousness of "Kumamoto Nori" can be attributed to two main factors:
  1. The abundant sunlight... The traditional stake method is employed, where seaweed nets are spread over stakes placed in the sea. This is a unique scene in the calm, shallow waters of Kumamoto. During low tide, the seaweed nets are sun-dried. This process allows the seaweed to bask in ample sunlight, producing a large amount of amino acids, a component of umami. The result is tasty, nutritionally rich seaweed.
  2. It is grown in the sea where river waters from the magnificent Aso, such as the Shirakawa and Kikuchi rivers, and the Midorikawa and Kuma rivers, which originate from the lush southern part of the Kyushu Mountains, flow into. In particular, 100% of the water supply in Kumamoto City is groundwater! This clear underflow water retains the nutrients of the earth, making Kumamoto Nori safe and delicious.

Ingredients: Raw Seaweed (Kumamoto Prefecture), Soy sauce, Agar 

Allergies: Soy, Wheat (from soy sauce)

***Place in refrigerator after opening*** 


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