The Five Commitments from the Rice Factory

About Us

About Us

1. Purchases carefully selected by skilled rice taste appraisers:

We purchase only rice produced without pesticides and with low pesticides after carefully examining the place of origin, brand, taste, aroma, stickiness, and luster, and visiting each of the trading areas ourselves.

We are confident that each and every customer will be satisfied with the rice we purchase that is just for them.

2. Thorough temperature control from harvest time:

While rice is seen as preserved food, it is in fact a type of “perishable” food, just like fruits and vegetables. You often hear that new rice tastes better because it is "fresh."

When stored at the right temperature, rice can maintain the same quality as new rice for over a year.

Preserving rice is one of our main commitments.

The rice is kept at an optimal temperature in the production area and in our warehouses, then imported from Japan in special refrigerated containers at an optimal temperature and stored in our own refrigerated rooms.

We recommend that you store your rice in an airtight container in the refrigerator after purchase.

You can enjoy the same delicious new rice at home all year round.

About Us

About Us

3. The rice is polished by a Japanese miller, who adjusts the pressure applied to suit the brand and season; just before shipping

the rice is polished one by one after the customer has ordered it.

Rice is a "perishable" food and, like apples, it will oxidize and lose its flavor over time if you peel it or polish it.

Polishing the rice just before delivery ensures that our rice is fresh and delicious.

We also adjust the amount of pressure applied to the rice when milling, as each brand of rice has a different hardness.

In addition, the hardness of the rice changes with the seasons and with the temperature, so to ensure that the rice is milled consistently throughout the year, we repeat the milling and tasting process several times to find the optimal pressure.

In addition, you can freely choose the degree of milling, such as “brown rice”, "partial rice” (one-minute rice, three-minute rice (embryo rice), five-minute rice, seven-minute rice), and "white rice" according to your needs and health consciousness.

4. Handling of safe and secure additive-free products:

In addition to rice, the Rice Factory also offers a wide range of additive-free seasonings, rice accompaniments, and products made from rice directly from Japan.

We buy products that do not contain MSG or yeast extracts, not to mention chemical seasonings, directly from Japanese manufacturers and import them together with the rice.

Many new products carefully selected by our buyers arrive every month, so please check back often.

About Us

About Us

5. Japanese quality hospitality to make you feel at home:

We are committed to providing the best possible service to our customers in our brick-and-mortar and online shop.

Our online service is fast and efficient (one-day delivery), carefully packaged to prevent damage from being thrown around during delivery, and includes a "How to Cook Rice" pamphlet to ensure that every customer is happy with their order.

If you have any questions about our rice or any of our products, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to help you.