【MIKURA】Sake lees red vinegar "Akane" - 酒粕赤酢 朱音 - 300ml

Best Before: Oct/30/2022

Delicious vinegar handmade in wooden barrels

Manufactured in Mie Prefecture Sake lees are aged for three years, and red sake lees are used as raw materials in wooden barrels. Surface fermentation method.
It is a red vinegar with abundant power of sake lees and a richer flavor.
The preparation time is about 70 days.

Not only for sushi rice, but also for vinegared dishes, pickles, ankake dishes, pickled nanban vinegar, etc.
By dissolving sugar and miso to make vinegar miso, you can bring out the elegant aroma of vinegar and the taste of miso.
For dressing, use it with dashi soup, or with olive oil for Western style.
You can arrange it freely.

Ingredients: sake lees (manufactured in Mie Prefecture), alcohol (manufactured in Japan)