Amazake "Kamiakari Brown rice" -Fermented Organic Brown Rice Drink -カミアカリ玄米甘酒-


Amazake is said to be a drinkable IV shot.

The Kamiakari, a pesticide-free product made at the rice factory's own farm, is made into delicious, easy-to-drink amazake using only koji and water.
As it is a koji-type amazake that does not contain any sugars or alcohol, it can be safely consumed by adults as well as children and elderly people.
The main ingredients are abundant B vitamins that can be fermented, oligosaccharides that normalize the intestinal environment, abundant essential amino acids, and vitamins.
In addition, brown rice amazake contains strong antioxidant components and components that suppress active oxygen that causes aging, so it can also provide anti-aging and beautiful skin effects.
Amazake also has a high absorption rate.
There is no unpleasant brown rice or habit of brown rice, and it has a corn-like aroma and sweetness of Kamiakari.