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【ROKUSUKE】Dashi salt - ろく助塩 白塩 顆粒タイプ - 150g

Best Before: Dec/19/2022
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The delicious handmade salt that is the talk of the town all over Japan is now available in limited quantities.

Can we really categorize this seasoning as "salt"? This is a salt that is so full of Umami that you can really feel it.
This salt will make your daily meals even better.
Quantities are limited, so please forgive us if this product is out of stock.


The salt is very mild.
According to the research of Japan Food Analysis Center, there are 122g of sodium chloride in 150g of "rokusuke salt".
On the other hand, free glutamic acid, which is the flavor of kelp, is 18.5g.
It also contains 680mg of 5'-guanosine acid, which is the flavor of shiitake mushrooms.
Furthermore, there is 740mg of 5'-inosinic acid, which is the flavor of bonito flakes.
It also contains 50mg of potassium, 30mg of calcium, and 20mg of magnesium.
To explain it in simple terms, although it is salt It contains 81% sodium chloride.
Glutamic acid, which is a flavor enhancer, accounts for about 12% of the salt.
Most salt is said to contain 98% sodium chloride.

You can see how much natural flavor Roku-suke Salt contains.


【Raw materials】 Salt (manufactured in Japan), dried shiitake mushrooms, kelp, dried scallops

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