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【ROKUSUKE】Dashi soy sauce salt - ろく助 醤油塩 - 100g

Best Before: Oct/19/2022

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The delicious handmade salt that is the talk of the town all over Japan is now available in limited quantities.

Can we really categorize this seasoning as "salt"? This is a salt that is so full of Umami that you can really feel it.
This salt will make your daily meals even better.
Quantities are limited, so please forgive us if this product is out of stock.


Roku-suke Shoyu Shio, which has the fragrant aroma of soy sauce, is silky smooth and granular, so it tastes good just by sprinkling it on. We recommend sprinkling it on sashimi and natto. It can also be used as a secret ingredient in omelets, Japanese style salads, fried rice, grilled dishes, and salad dressings. It can also be used as a snack with tea or sake.
The granulated form can be used directly in cooking.


【Raw materials】 Salt (manufactured in Japan), dried shiitake mushrooms, kelp, dried scallop soy sauce (including soybeans and flour)