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【KOUMI】Dried seaweed with olive oil and garlic flavor - 香味のりゴールド - 8切40枚

Best Before: Oct/22/2022

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Olive oil and garlic, yum!

For the raw material, seaweed from the Ariake Sea, which has a reputation for its flavor and aroma, is used.
Original ajoen oil, made with garlic from Japan and extra virgin olive oil from Italy, is mixed with sesame oil, which is made from especially selected high-quality sesame seeds with a mild and full flavor and aroma.
In addition, we use "roasted salt" made from the clean seawater of Tsushima, Nagasaki Prefecture, where natural seaweed grows thickly, and blend them in a perfect balance to create a flavorful seasoned seaweed like never before.

The mild flavor and gentle saltiness of the olive oil and sesame oil, the faint aroma of garlic, and the crispy, tender taste of freshly baked seaweed - a perfect harmony.

Ingredients : Dried laver (from Ariake Sea), sesame oil, salt, olive oil, garlic