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【KOUMI】Dried seaweed with sesame oil flavor - 旨しお海苔 ごま油風味 - 8切40枚

Best Before: Nov/01/2022

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They stick to carefully selected natural ingredients and use no additives to create the best seasoned seaweed.


You can enjoy the rich aroma, delicious taste, and the crispy, tender taste of freshly baked seaweed.
The seaweed used for the ingredients is from the Ariake Sea, which has a reputation for its flavor and aroma.
It is seasoned only with "Hamagoshio Yaki-salt," which is made from the clean seawater of Tsushima, Nagasaki Prefecture, where natural seaweed grows thickly, and "light sesame oil," which is made from carefully selected high-quality sesame seeds to give it a mild and rich taste and aroma.

Ingredients : dried laver (from Ariake Sea), sesame oil, salt

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