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【MARNA】Sponge Fish Shaped "Scrubbing" -これは使える!おさかなスポンジ-


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Marna's original hard resin processed surface, soft pile surface, and double-sided processing that removes dirt without detergent are changed, so you can use it properly depending on the place to wash.

Hard resin processing surface for brown stains and stubborn stains.
Wash cups and dishes with a urethane layer that thoroughly lathers the detergent.
90% of the people who actually used it are convinced that it is clean.

Material: Cloth surface / acrylic (hard resin processing) sponge / polyurethane
Size: Approximately 142 x 66 x 32 mm
Country of Origin: Japan

please note
* Do not use on delicate materials such as fluororesin processed products and lacquered products as it may cause scratches.
* Please note that excessive rubbing may cause damage.
* Please do not use it in a hot frying pan.
* Since it easily adsorbs oil stains, the surface may darken, but it is safe to use.
* Please do not use chlorine bleach.
* Do not place near fire or in places with high temperatures.
* Please do not use it for any other purpose.