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【HAKUSAN】Bowls "HAKUSAN" -白山陶器 丼-


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Cute bowls with a simple rounded shape

The smallest "soup bowl" has a depth, so it is ideal for serving soups and hot pots.
Of course, it is also very useful for salads and side dishes.
"Bowl(M)" is just right for the standard menu such as rice bowl, ramen, soba noodles.
For a growing son or a dad who is hungry and returning, a larger "Bowl(L)" may be fine.
In any case, it should be a container that is open all year round at the table.
Since it is a porcelain container that can be used in a microwave oven, put over-made side dishes, wrap it, and put it in the refrigerator.
And when you want to eat it, you can warm it up and put it on the table as it is.
In addition, its smooth texture makes it easy to wash.
Even a dishwasher can be used without problems.
The transparent white "Blue and white glaze", the refreshing and elegant "Celadon", and the jet-black "Tenmoku" that complements the dishes.
You can choose your favorite color and enjoy the strangeness of color matching, which is unique to the colors that have been loved for a long time.
That's the color that makes any dish look good.

Soup bowl