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【HIRASHO】Pacific saury flake"Sanma boroboro" - さんまぼろぼろ - 110g


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Sanma Boroboro" is a sumptuous flake of fatty akitoh fish caught off the coast of Nemuro, Hokkaido.
The crispiness of burdock root, the sweetness of carrots, and the flavor of sesame seeds bring out the flavor of saury in a perfect balance, and the sweet and spicy cooked flakes have a tender texture that goes great with rice.

The flakes are easy for children to eat, full of nutrients, and delicious, so they are very useful as a daily breakfast, a side dish for lunch boxes, and as a filling for onigiri (rice balls).


Pacific saury, burdock root, carrot, soy sauce, sugar, sesame, sake, fermented seasoning