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【IIMISO】Barley miso - 麦みそ - 500g

Best Before: Dec/10/2023

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Fermented paste has been enjoyed for generations and many types of miso were cultivated throughout this time, such as this barley miso, made from barley and traditional values to provide a nostalgic taste that everyone loves. Using barley grown in Ehime or Kagawa prefecture and salt produced in Kagawa prefecture, you can really taste the quality and uniqueness of the ingredients sourced from these local towns. With no preservatives, artificial sweetners, or other additives you can enjoy this barley miso, guilt-free!

So what is barley miso?
Barley miso is one of the three types of miso, the others being rice miso and soybean miso. While rice miso is the most common in Japan, barley miso is consumed and popular throughout Kyushu, Yamaguchi, and Ehime prefecture. It has low salt content and uses large amounts of koji, which provides strong aromatic and sweet characteristics.

Consuming barley miso comes with many benefits!
In addition to its high, balanced nutritional value, it can prevent cancer, lower blood pressure, have anti-aging and antioxidant effects, whitening effects, lower cholesterol in your blood, regulate your intestines, promote digestion, accelerate brain metabolism, inhibit H. pylori, reduce radiation damage, and more! Compared to rice miso, barley miso has more potassium, vitamins B1 and B2, more dietary fiber, 3x more iron, and contains large amounts of glutamic acid, a key umami ingredient!