All-Purpose Seasoning ”Roasted Sake" -煎り酒- 300ml

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Legendary seasoning "Roast Sake"

An ancient Japanese seasoning that was popular in place of soy sauce during the Edo period.
Umeboshi was put in sake and boiled, and kelp, dried bonito flakes, and dried shiitake mushroom stock were added.
The richness of the soup stock and the refreshing plum flavor that works reasonably well enhance the taste of the ingredients just by sprinkling it.
This is an all-purpose seasoning that makes your dish one rank up.
It's good for cold tofu, white fish, steamed chicken, salad dressing, etc...

Sake, Mirin, Vinegar, Sugar(Hokkaido), Salt, Bonito Flakes(Japan), Kelp(Hokkaido), Ume(Wakayama), Shiitake Mushroom(Japan)