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【SOKEN】Japanese Salt Plums -国産特別栽培南高梅 白干- 120g

Best Before: Nov/06/2022

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Nanko ume plums are specially cultivated in Japan with great care, pickled with natural salt that is slowly boiled in a flat pot, and sun-dried for a traditional taste.

■This is a mild, additive-free (no chemical seasonings, sweeteners, coloring, or preservatives) pickled plum with a salt concentration of 16-18%.

■The salt is made by dissolving sun-dried salt from Mexico and Australia with seawater from Okinawa and boiling it in a flat pot to retain the bittern.   
■The size is a mixture of large (about 15g~) and medium (about 7-14g) grains.

■It contains about 12 grains.