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【HOJUAN】Mochi "White" -貴客上餅-


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Old-fashioned delicious rice cake made with a pestle

This mochi is made from Miyagi prefecture's Miyakogane (specially cultivated rice) and alkaline ionized water, steamed in a bamboo steamer, and finished with only with a pestle . Miyakogane is the king of rice cakes. It is white and smooth, especially sticky and chewy, and is ideal for rice cakes, red rice, rice cakes and rice cakes. Thanks to the strength of the body, it is hard to drip even if you put it in soup, and the cooking method of warming it in the microwave with water is excellent. The mochi warmed in this way is perfect for eating soybean flour and anko. Since the expiration date is short, I hesitated to handle it as a shop, but I wanted everyone living in the United States to eat really delicious rice cakes, so it was a gem that was realized. Please enjoy it!
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