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【KITAYA】Plant-based mayo "Yuzu pepper" - ほぼマヨ 柚子胡椒入 - 200g

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Best Before: Apr/11/2023

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Mayonnaise made from soy milk with a focus on deliciousness

This is an original soy milk mayo made with Kyushu soy milk and additive-free miso with a focus on "deliciousness"
This is almost mayonnaise! Its name is Kitaya's "almost mayo"
A little spicy thanks to the Yuzu pepper (produced in Kyushu), a specialty of Oita prefecture

・ No animal materials such as eggs and dairy products
・ No chemical seasoning
・ Uses soy milk from Kyushu and additive-free miso
・ Since there is less oil than general mayonnaise, it has a refreshing aftertaste and low calories.
・ The refreshing spiciness of Yuzu pepper, which is a specialty of Oita prefecture, goes well with vegetable dishes and is appetizing.

■Product name: Semi-solid dressing
■Ingredient names: rapeseed oil (domestic production), soy milk (including soybeans) (Kyushu), miso, apple vinegar, yuzu pepper, citrus sugar, salt, pepper
■Allergy indication: soybeans, apples
■Contents: 200g
■Storage method: Store in a cool and dark place avoiding high temperature and humidity