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【MIKASAENOKI】Dried Enoki mushroom "White" - 濃いえのき(白)- 30g

Best Before: Sep/30/2023

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Drying makes it delicious and greatly improves its nutritional value

Enoki mushrooms are grown in a special medium that is a blend of thinned cedar wood grown in Kagoshima and rice bran.
The "delicious" enoki mushrooms produced in the virtuous cycle of nature were slowly dried at low temperature on the day of harvest so that we could deliver them to many customers.
By drying, you can feel a new taste that you could not taste raw.

[How to eat]
For cooking miso soup, soup, pasta, etc.
Also as an ingredient for cooked rice.
It is also recommended to put it in cup ramen or instant noodles.
It is convenient because it can be used as it is without having to rehydrate it.

Ingredient name: Enoki mushroom (from Kagoshima prefecture)
Contents: 1oz
Storage method: Avoid places with high humidity and store at room temperature. Please use as soon as possible after opening.
Manufacturer: Agricultural cooperative corporation Mikasa Enoki Mushroom Production Association