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【FUKAMI】Salt Plums "Light Salty"【Japanese Organic】-有機梅干し うすしお味- 100g

Best Before: Dec/09/2023

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Additive-free, pesticide-free, naturally grown low-salt plums

In Wakayama Prefecture, we have stocked a limited amount from a Umeboshi specialty store that specializes in the cultivation and production of Nanko Ume!
This is a handmade umeboshi with a thick texture and a solid texture that is just called "real umeboshi". The salt content is 10% and the size is about 20g per grain.
Since we use organically grown plums, which are rare in Japan, we use only the carefully selected salt from Hyogo Prefecture to soak it.
Of course no additives!
Please try the umeboshi, which is highly acclaimed by the shop owner.